Privacy Notice

CD set front cover

If you pay for Singing for Snorers by credit card or PayPal:

You will fill in an 'Order Form' with your name, address and email then click a button to send your details to WorldPay - a leading online global payment processor. WorldPay will enable you to pay securely by credit card or PayPal. WorldPay will then notify Singing for Snorers of your order and send Singing for Snorers the contact details needed to carry out your order. Singing for Snorers never sees your credit card or PayPal details and will not pass your contact details to any other third party.

Your contact details (name, address and email) will be treated as confidential by Singing for Snorers.

Singing for Snorers will use your details to:

a) Send you a 'Welcome to Singing for Snorers' email:

• Acknowledging your order
• Letting you know when it will be posted/ mailed (often the same day)
• Providing you with advice about doing the exercise programme

b) Post/ mail your Singing for Snorers CD set to the address you provide

c) Archive your order securely for our accounts and records

(Optional) If you give your consent:

Singing for Snorers will inform you by email on rare occasions if there is:

• Additional research involving Singing for Snorers
• Any significant addition or change to the Singing for Snorers programme

Consent will be asked for in the ’Welcome to Singing for Snorers‘ email. Customers who have given their consent can notify Singing for Snorers at any point if they no longer wish to receive such emails, by clicking here for a pre-written, ready-to-send email. Alternatively, customers can email with the message ‘Opt-out’. Be sure to send the message from the email address you want removed or to let us know what it is. This opt-out information will be repeated at the bottom of any such email.

A word of reassurance: If you contact Singing for Snorers for support and choose to provide further information about yourself, such as health information relating to your snoring or sleep apnoea/ apnea (US) history, then Singing for Snorers will keep this information entirely confidential.