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Please note that the Singing for Snorers exercises are graded and start off suitably easy for people who have not sung since childhood. The ones you see and hear in this video are from well into the three-month programme, by which time you are ready for a greater challenge!


Singing for Snorers
is a complete programme of singing exercises
specifically designed to reduce snoring caused by
lax muscles in the upper throat.

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A clinical trial and customer testimonials suggest that some people with
mild to moderate sleep apnoea/ apnea (US)
have also found Singing for Snorers beneficial
- see research below -

The author is Alise Ojay
Alise is a choir director, singer and composer.
Alise designed and created Singing for Snorers after conducting the first research into the use of singing exercises to reduce snoring as an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Exeter, UK in 1999.

On this website you can
find out about the Singing for Snorers exercise programme and
order the triple CD and booklet pack.

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If German is your first language you may wish to know that
printed translations are now available in German,
both of the accompanying booklet and a transcript of the instructions spoken on the CDs.
Please click here for further information on how to add these to your order.

Latest news:


Research - The results of a clinical trial of Singing for Snorers at Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital, UK have been published. The trial was a randomised controlled trial using the Singing for Snorers exercises with two patient groups: patients with a chronic snoring problem and patients with mild to moderate sleep apnoea. The trial took place at the Department of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust Exeter, UK.

The author of the paper, Consultant Otolaryngologist Malcolm Hilton BM BCh FRCS, reports that there was a statistically significant reduction in frequency of snoring and daytime sleepiness after three months intervention using the Singing for Snorers exercises.

For further information, discussion and link to the published paper see the Research page.

Media - For information and link to BBC television The One Show November 2015 feature of Singing for Snorers see In the Media

4th edition of Singing for Snorers released (August 2016)

Singing for Snorers 4th edition

See FAQ page: What does the "Singing for Snorers" exercise programme consist of?

IFOS* World Congress of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery
also known as the ENT World Congress (June 2017):

(* International Federation of Oto-Rhino-Laryngological Societes)

Alise Ojay at IFOS Singing for Snorers ePoster at IFOS

Alise's submission was accepted by the IFOS scientific committee and her e-Poster, "Why you might consider prescribing Singing for Snorers to patients presenting with a chronic snoring problem or mild to moderate sleep apnoea" was displayed at the Congress.

Alise attended the 5-day Congress in Paris with the aim of inspiring ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) doctors to carry out further clinical trials using the Singing for Snorers exercises.

Singing for Snorers video at IFOS

To increase her chances of being noticed there, being only 5' 2", Alise also entered the video competition set up as part of the Congress celebrations. Her video was one of the four selected to be shown repeatedly on a large screen during the Congress.

You can see the original video on the competition website here: IFOS 2017 Video Competition (The video is exactly the same as the one at the top of this page except for the very end where it invites delegates at the IFOS Congress to read Alise's ePoster.)

The History of Singing for Snorers:

Initial research


A pilot research project conducted by Alise Ojay suggested that singing exercises can reduce snoring by toning lax muscles in the upper throat. [Ojay A, Ernst E. Can singing exercises reduce snoring? A pilot study. Complement Ther Med 2000; 8(3): 151-156]

Creating the exercises


With the aim of increasing the effect observed in the trial, Alise developed Singing for Snorers, a graded programme of singing exercises specifically designed to tone the muscles at the common sites of the snoring vibration. These sites are the soft palate, the tongue, the nasal passages and the palatopharyngeal arch.

Continuing the research


Since the launch of Singing for Snorers in 2002 there has been very encouraging feedback, not only from 'simple snorers', but also from people with sleep apnoea. It takes time, of course, for any novel treatment to make in-roads into hospitals, but one decade on this anecdotal evidence is now supported by the first independent controlled clinical trial of Singing for Snorers.

Feedback from users is hugely welcomed. Please use the Feedback Form.

Contact from clinicians interested in conducting further clinical trials is warmly invited. Please email


A message from the author

Alise Ojay

These exercises are being sold in good faith with the hope that many people will benefit from them. Since they are part of on-going research and cannot carry a guarantee, I would like to quote one of many jubilant users of Singing for Snorers to help explain the 'good faith':

"Grateful thanks from me and my husband ... the singing exercises have helped to reduce my snoring from a very loud roar to a very quiet murmur...and [were] very enjoyable at the same time". 

This was a woman, referred to me by an ENT surgeon, who had tried many other remedies without success and was considering surgery. Not any more!

August 2014 update

For over ten years, since the launch of Singing for Snorers in 2002, I only quoted one customer on this website because I wanted to be able to offer you the reassurance of evidence from clinical trials rather than simply customer testimonials which might, in the absense of such independent evidence, give cause for scepticism. This took some restraint! However to celebrate the publication of the first such clinical trial, I am now allowing myself a whole page of testimonials (see Testimonials page) and two more quotes from happy customers here. I hope you agree that this is fair enough.  

"After being nudged awake, and told to roll over and stop snoring, every night for months, I decided to do a web search, to try to find a natural remedy that would help to quieten me down, so my husband and I could both get a better sleep. After Singing for a couple of weeks my husband reported I was much quieter, and by the end of the program I had stopped completely. I am so glad I found Singing for Snorers. It's fun to do, well presented, and worked wonders for me." CC, Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada. 

"I had sleep apnea with an AHI* of 40 - serious. I couldn’t tolerate CPAP. I felt terrible and thought my life was over. Fortunately in 2005, I became aware of the Singing for Snorers exercises created by Alise Ojay. I bought the CDs right away. I found that they were easy to do, did not take too much time, and the instructions that came with them were excellent. These exercises cured my sleep apnea – as confirmed by my pulse oximeter, by my wife who no longer heard me snoring or stop breathing and by my getting my energy and zest for life back – despite being in my 80s I got a job at my local college. This was 8 years ago now and I have remained without sleep apnea by continuing to use the exercises at a maintenance level." Charley Hupp, Arizona, USA  

(*Apnea-Hypopnea Index)